Ganesha Mudra: Right Practice Brings An Overall Good Health

Ganesha Mudra is the pulling of the fingers away from each other while in a tight grip and the right practice brings an overall good health. It is a sacred hand gesture or “seal” used during yoga and meditation practice as a means of channeling the flow of vital life force energy known as prana.

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This mudra is believe to invoke Lord Ganesha’s energy as the remover of obstacles. As such, practicing the Ganesha mudra is observe to enhance self-confidence and provide the courage to overcome anything that is holding one back.

Ganesha Mudra: Right Practice Brings An Overall Good Health


When this pulling is done along with the exhalation it helps to stretch and strengthens the forearms, upper arms, shoulders, chest and diaphragm muscles.

  • A great practice to improve the upper body strength.
  • In coordination with the breathing process, this mudra activates the chest and diaphragm muscles. And the stimulation of the chest helps with better lung capacity.
  • The practice of Ganesha mudra helps to open the heart. As it supports the heart muscles and therefore extremely useful practise.

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  • Activates and stimulates the fire element in the body that further helps with better digestion.
  • It controls the symptoms and conditions related to depression, insomnia, better blood circulation, improved blood pressure, and controls cholesterol.
  • It helps to free any blocked tension of the shoulders and chest.
  • Gives relaxation to cardiac muscles

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