Vowel Sound Chanting: Learn More About The Human Body

Vowels are one of the two principal classes of speech sounds, the other being the consonant. Vowels vary in quality, in loudness and also in quantity (length). They are usually voiced and are closely involved in prosodic variation such as tone, intonation and stress. But An interesting fact founded on internet today is whenever we suffer physical pain, we automatically produce a vowel sound. For example, the natural reaction when one is prick by a pin or needle is saying loud ‘ee’ and when in pain, we say the sound ‘Ah’.

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A lot of researchers claim that chanting of vowels produces interleukin-2 in the body, which has an action, similar to that of aspirin, a painkiller. Pain depicts the intensity of an emotion and vowel depicts the intensity of a sound, therefore pain expresses itself through a sound that can be a vowel and not by optional sounds like a consonant.

Vowel Sound Chanting: Learn More About The Human Body

The right vowel chanting sounds are one of the fastest and most effective tools for raising the vibratory frequency of the human body that foster health, happiness and unity. The vowel sound is not melodious but wakes up your cells, to establish a conscious connection with them. Each vowel is a vibrational frequency specialist which perform a specific work in the body as different sounds that affect people in different ways. The vowel chant is a powerful exercise if done regularly with instructions.

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