Travel Devgad: Sparkling Beaches With Serene Backdrop

Devgad is an unexplored place but slowly becoming a destination for tourists who want to avoid Goa beaches. This place is perfect for travel and family outing while enjoying its clean, sparkling beaches with calm and amazing delightful backdrop. The trip will give you completely sacred and peaceful experience in the laps of nature.

Travel Devgad: Sparkling Beaches With Serene Backdrop

Devgad is famous place for many reasons:

  • Firstly Devgad is well popular globally for its world class Alphonso mango, its unique aroma, delicious taste and thick saffron pulp. It is believe that mangoes are first planted here by Portuguese.
  • Secondly Devgad is well popular for its harbor, beaches and Devgad fort.
  • Then the Devgad fort construction done on a small hillock close to the sea. While you can see the best Panoramic view of sea and the sunset view from the here.
  • Vijaydurg in Devgad taluka is famous for the invention of helium gas. The evidence of helium was observe by the great scientist normal Lickyar here. Helium day is celebrated on a large scale every year.
  • At kunkeshwar, a very famous temple of Lord Shiva was construct in the 11th century which is widely popular as ‘Dakshin Kashi’. It is very famous for its Divinity and religious values. Across Maharashtra and people gather from across Maharashtra on the occasion of Mahashivratri.
  • Similarly other historical temples are Goddess Dirbadevi temple at Jamsande, Lord Ganesh temple at Pokharbav, Lord Shiva temple at Rameshwar, Bhagwati Devi temple, Vishweswarayya and Swami Kartikaswamy temple, and Rahateshwar temple. These temples are fine model of ancient sculpture.
  • The western coastline is highly sensitive, hence recently, Government of India installed static radar and electro-optic sensors. At Devgad Lighthouse as a part of India’s first coastal surveillance network. Devgad is one out of 46 locations chosen for the network and envisages real-time surveillance cover up to 25 nautical miles.
Travel Devgad: Sparkling Beaches With Serene Backdrop

Devgad is popular taluka place located on the Arabian sea in the coastal Konkan region of Maharashtra in Sidhudurg district. A taluka (tehsil) is a local unit of administrative division in some countries of the Indian subcontinent that is usually translates to “township”. The name Devgad is derive from the historic fort situated at the confluence of Arabian sea and Devgad creek. This place consists of 98 villages.

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Fort Vijaydurg, named as the “Eastern Gibraltar” because of its virtual impregnability. It was impressive as seen by British, Dutch, Portuguese armies and travellers 400 years ago and even today by visitors. There is a wall under the sea at shores of the Vijaydurg construct as such that an enemy’s ships, trying to attack, would crash and sink.

Travel Devgad: Sparkling Beaches With Serene Backdrop

The nearest railway station is Kankavli on Konkan Railway on Mumbai-Goa road. From Kankavli, one can get an auto-rickshaw or a state transport bus to reach Devgad-Vijaydurg.

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