Vedic Planetarium: Know About World’s Largest Hindu Temple

Temple of the Vedic Planetarium will be the world’s largest Hindu temple and one of the tallest temples. Construction started in 2010 and was originally aimed to be completed in the year 2022. However delay in construction due to the COVID-19 pandemic may push the opening date to somewhere in late 2023. Temple of the Vedic Planetarium is a headquarters of ISKCON located in Mayapur, West Bengal, India.

Vedic Planetarium: Know About World's Largest Hindu Temple

The Temple of the Vedic Planetarium is name as such because within its main dome it will house a 3-dimensional, moving model of the universe according to the Vedic scriptures. This explanation describes the planetary systems and all the universal contents to be in the shape of an incredible chandelier, and sometimes as an inverted tree with its roots going up and branches down.

The primary objective behind building the temple is to create awareness among the general masses. Basically about the Vedic culture through an authoritative platform and materialized science. Acharya Prabhupada envisioned building a structure that would help spread Vedic knowledge. And being the birthplace of Vaishnava Saint, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Mayapur chosen to be the temple’s site.

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Sadabhuja Das, managing director, Temple of Vedic Planetarium had said, “This temple is the mixture of the East and the West. The marble has been imported from Vietnam. We also procured marble from India. The temple is unique because the pujari floor is 2.5 acres and the temple floor is 60 metres in diameter. The house of deities is unique as well. We are building 20 metre long Vedic chandeliers.” As per the reports, the temple is so huge that it can accommodate nearly 10,000 devotees on a floor at a time.

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