Shree Shivay Namastubhyam: Shiva Mantra Giving Power & Peace

“श्री शिवाय नमस्तुभ्यं”

As mention in Shiv Puran that this Shree Shivay Namastubhyam is the original mantra of Shiva chanted for any kind of problem in life whether it is due to money, mind, or body. This mantra strength is such that it immediately makes a person attain peace of mind. According to Shiva Purana, if a devotee chants Shiva Mrityunjaya Mantra 1000 times and chants Shree Shivay Namastubhyam only once, then its result will be equally receive.

In many Puranas, Shiva Purana, Linga Purana, Skanda Purana and more Bhakti texts, there is always an example that chanting of Shri Shivaya Namastubhyam solves all problems and provides peace and happiness not only to humans but also to gods, demons and Gandharvas. Even in the Linga Purana it is describe that if 33 categories of deities of the universe are to please Shiva, then they also please Shiva by chanting Shree Shivay Namastubhyam. It is also describe in the Linga Purana that when the deities and when there is a war of demons, Shri Shivaya Namastubhyam gives power to the deities.

Shree Shivay Namastubhyam: Shiva Mantra Giving Power & Peace

Enjoy the recitation of 108 mantra rosaries of the holy mantra prasad “Shri Shivaya Namastubhyam” of Shri Shivamahapuran. By accepting this divine mantra prasad of Mahadev with full devotion and firm faith. All diseases, sorrows, pains, obstacles and calamities are destroy and devotion becomes firm at the feet of Shiva.

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There is a story in Shiva Purana, a great devotee whose name was Namdev. A devotee who is always absorb in chanting, makes his ears listen only to the story. Makes his nostrils feel only the smell of flowers offered to Shiva. And his mouth always chant the Mahamantra of Shiva and accept only Mahaprasad.

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Such a great devotee once in his daily routine while making prasad to Shiva. A dog comes to his kitchen and runs away after pressing the bread in his mouth. Namdev ji runs after him. His neighbors think that maybe he is going to get rid of the roti from the dog. But they also wonder why Namdev ji is running after the dog with a bowl in his hand. Then the story tells that so much in Namdev’s heart. Pity is full that he wants that the dog who ran away from his house with roti should not eat that dry roti but taste the bread soaked in ghee.

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It is also describe in Shiva Mahapuran that this level of mercy is seen in only a few devotees. But in Kaliyuga one can reach this level of emotion only by chanting Shree Shivay Namastubhyam.

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