Prithvi Mudra: Promotes Healing And Spiritual Balance Within Body

Earth is considered as one of the elements within the body and with the practice of Prithvi Mudra helps to awaken the earth element. In Sanskrit ‘prithvi,’ refers to the ‘earth,’ and ‘mudra,’ refers to ‘gesture of the hands.’ This Mudra is a gesture of the hands used in meditation, ayurveda or a spiritual yoga practice to promote healing and spiritual balance within the body.

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For the practice of this mudra the ring fingers and the thumbs are use in both the hands. The ring finger represents the Earth element, whereas the thumb represents the Fire element. Since the elements fire and earth have qualities opposed to each other, prithvi mudra when formed cools the body. And reduces the fire and helps overcome disorders of emaciation, fever and inflammation.

Prithvi Mudra: Promotes Healing And Spiritual Balance Within Body

The prithvi mudra is consider to be a very powerful mudra that is capable of healing many ailments. Some of which include chronic fatigue, osteoporosis, weight loss, convalescence or paralysis, burning sensations throughout the body, ulcers, and nail, hair or skin issues. Helps to expedite the union of bones on case of a fracture and strengthen the limbs in polio myelitis, paralysis. Cures skin rashes and urticaria ( the skin allergy) and burning sensation in eyes, stomach, urine, anus, hands or feet is pacified. When use as part of a spiritual practice, this mudra is helps to influence the ‘muladhara’ (root) chakra. Which governs the individual’s sense of stability, rootedness and security.

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Pregnant women should take it easy with the practice of Prithvi Mudra. Since their body at this time is very sensitive and this mudra bring balance in the body.

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