Namaste: Simple Gesture That Has Systematic Thinking Behind

Anjali mudra is a beautiful gesture usually used for respectful greeting and always related to spirituality and prayer-related activities in Indian culture. It’s also known as Namaskar mudra or Namaste in the common language. However, there is a hidden power in this gesture and we can tap into it by learning more about Namaste, or the Anjali Mudra. This seemingly simple gesture has a lot of systematic thinking behind it, that generates multiple health, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual benefits.

The human fingers are associated with the five elements that make up the entire creation. Thumb is ‘Agni’ (fire), the index finger is ‘Vayu’ (air), the middle finger is ‘Aakash’ (space), the ring finger is ‘Prithvi’ (earth), and the little finger is ‘Jal’ (water). When we bring the hands together in Anjali Mudra, we also activate the elements in our bodies. When practiced regularly, these elements and all the tissues and organs associated with them also come in a balanced state. Scientifically speaking, your hands and fingertips are characterized by a complex mesh of nerve endings. This can enable your hands to perform various expressive activities.

Namaste | Anjali Mudra: Simple Gesture That Has Systematic Thinking Behind And Multiple Benefits

When used in yoga and meditation, this mudra means bringing both the palms. Together in front of the heart chakra, with the fingers pointing upwards. Press the hands evenly and firmly together. You may find this gesture within certain asanas in ‘Tadasana’ (Mountain Pose), before you begin Sun Salutations, or in balance poses such as ‘Vrksasana’ (Tree Pose).

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When we do a mudra, it acts as a seal or bond which brings our whole body in alignment with the energy associated with the mudra. Anjali in sanskrit means an offering to the divine. And, when we practice the Anjali Mudra, we gain several subtle benefits from it which bring us closer to divinity. It is one sign that can exhibit greeting, humility, and gratitude simultaneously. And the one doing it will also experience the same feeling of groundedness and humility.

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The coming together of both hemispheres of our brain when we do the Anjali Mudra channelizes our thought process temporarily. You can feel your mind experiencing positive thoughts during the practice. Bringing together of brain hemispheres improves their coordination and functioning. Practicing Anjali Mudra regularly brings more awareness, enhances concentration, and calms the mind thereby relieving stress. It also balances the breathing pattern, calming an agitated mind instantly, and bring a sense of harmony. Physically it improves flexibility of the arm joints and wrists.

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