Makhana: Healthy Snack Enriched With The Goodness of Nature

Makhana are popularly known as lotus seeds, fox nuts, Euryale ferox, gorgon nuts and phool makhana. These small little healthy snacks are a powerhouse of nutrition and can prevent several diseases. Makhana are mostly cultivate in wet and marshy lands of Asian countries. Makhans are a not that easy to cultivate and require skilled farmers to plant, cultivate and process these round little balls. In India, makhana are commonly consume when fasting, thanks to their strong nutritional value.

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In fact, being a part of a beautiful flower plant, makhans are loaded with nutrients, which are vital for proper functioning of the human body. You can include them in your daily healthy eating, healthy breakfast, healthy meals or healthy diet. With the growing health consciousness among people, makhans are becoming popular for their umpteen health benefits. They also contain several micronutrients that are extremely important for the human body.

Makhana: Healthy Snack Enriched With The Goodness of Nature

Enriched with the goodness of nature, Makhanas are a packed with the goodness of protein, potassium, phosphorus, carbohydrates, fibre, magnesium, iron and zinc. These essential nutrients make this munchy a perfect go to healthy snack. The best thing is that its a low calorie snack and high on nutrition, therefore it can be a part of your low calorie meals. Loaded with astringent properties and can effectively help in aiding kidney related issues.

Makhanas can make for a healthy snack for diabetics as there is no sugar content, which further helps in maintaining a balance of sugar levels. Apart from that it can satiate hunger pangs easily and promotes weight loss. Packed with soluble fiber, it can effectively ease out bowel movements and aid in constipation and indigestion. Also enriched with the goodness of antioxidants, which further helps in relieving chronic inflammation, early ageing and stress.

They have low amounts of sodium and high amounts of potassium in them. The high potassium helps decrease the overall blood pressure levels among hypertension patients. Being low in sodium makes them extremely useful in keeping these blood pressure levels in check. The abundant magnesium present in makhanas significantly improves the quality of blood and oxygen in the body. Low magnesium levels increases the risk of heart diseases in the body. As a good source of the mineral, consuming makhanas can play an important role in strengthening one’s bones and detoxifying the spleen, thus helping in the detox of blood.

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