God’s Eye | Ojos De Dios: Power To See And Understand Unknown

A God’s eye is a spiritual and votive object made by weaving a design out of yarn upon a wooden cross. The spiritual eye of the Ojos de Dios (God’s eye in Spanish) is thought by some believers to have the power to see. And understand things unknown to the physical eye.

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This is a ritual tool that was believed to protect those while they pray, magical object. And an ancient cultural symbol evoking the weaving motif and its spiritual associations for the Huichol and Tepehuan Indians of western Mexico. The Huichol call their God’s Eyes Sikuli, which means “the power to see and understand things unknown.” When a child is born, the central eye is woven by the father. Then one eye is added for every year of the child’s life until the child reaches the age of five.

God's Eye | Ojos De Dios: Power To See And Understand Unknown

They are commonly found in Mexican and Mexican American communities, among both Indigenous and Catholic peoples. During Spanish colonial times in New Mexico, from the 16th to the 19th centuries, Ojos de Dios were placed where people worked, or where they walked along a trail (Major, 2012).

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In other parts of the Americas, artisans weave complicated or variegated versions of the traditional Ojos de Dios. Selling them as decorations or religious objects. There has also been a huge increase in the use of Ojos de Dios as an easy and fun craft for children. Often several colors are used. There are many that are being made for the tourist market. But they do not carry the same traditional and spiritual significance.

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