EFT | Emotional Freedom Technique: Tapping Therapy For Anxiety

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a form of counseling intervention that stimulates acupressure points by pressuring, tapping, or rubbing meridian endpoints while focusing on situations that represent personal fear or trauma. The technique may be use to treat a wide variety of physical and psychological disorders, and as a simple form of self-administered therapy. It’s believe that restoring the energy balance can relieve symptoms a negative experience or emotion may have caused. People who use this technique believe tapping the body can create a balance in your energy system and treat pain. According to EFT International, the technique can be helpful for people with anxiety, depression, chronic pain, stress and other problems.

EFT tapping has roots in the 1970s when several doctors began stimulating acupressure points to help their patients deal with stress, fear, and phobias. EFT draws on various theories of alternative medicine – including acupuncture, neuro-linguistic programming, energy medicine, and Thought Field Therapy (TFT). It also combines elements of exposure therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and somatic stimulation.

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One of them, patent by Dr. Roger Callahan, calling Thought Field Therapy. Later Gary Craig simplified the process and made it available to the public under the EFT name. Then got popular through Gary Craig’s EFT Handbook, published in the late 1990s, and related books and workshops by a variety of teachers. According to its developer, Gary Craig, a disruption in energy is the cause of all negative emotions and pain.

EFT | Emotional Freedom Technique: Tapping Therapy For Anxiety

Studies show that EFT tapping can improve psychological disorders. Some say that improvement in symptoms could be because of a placebo effect. When subjects want to believe that a certain treatment will work, their feedback may not be reliable. Another possibility is that EFT tapping works because of other techniques embedded in the process, such as a special way of breathing. As a self-help strategy, EFT tapping has advantages over more conventional treatment i.e. easy to do, inexpensive and painless.

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EFT | Emotional Freedom Technique: Tapping Therapy For Anxiety

The technique instructs individuals to tap on meridian endpoints of the body or energy hot spots. While fingertip tapping, they recite specific phrases or affirmations that target an emotional component of a physical symptom. The emotional intensity is then rescored and repeated until no changes are noted in the emotional intensity. Based on Chinese medicine, meridian points are thought of as areas of the body energy flows through. These pathways help balance energy flow to maintain your health. Any imbalance can influence disease or sickness.


  1. First identify the issue that’s on your mind or fear you have and check the level of intensity.
  2. Establish a phrase or affirmation that focuses on the issue and self acceptance despite the problem.
  3. Tap the following energy hotspots several times while reciting a reminder phrase to maintain focus on your problem area. Moving down the body in ascending order: the top of the head, eye brows, side of eyes, under eyes, under the nose, chin, collar bone, and under the arms. Use two or more fingertips
  4. Repeat the process until improvement.

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