Massage Yours Ears | Auriculotherapy That Calms Nervous System

We all are aware of the fact that doing regular exercising, yoga, meditation, and a healthy diet can help us maintain overall health. Another thing that contributes is the different type of massages that helps us to calm our nerves and gives benefit both mentally and physically. One of them is ‘Ear Massage’ also called auriculotherapy or auricular therapy or ear acupuncture which is a form of alternative medicine based on the idea that the ear is a micro system, which reflects the entire body, represented on the auricle, the outer portion of the ear.

This works since nerves in the ears are link with various nerve centres in the brain which each send different neurological pathways down the spinal cord, finally reaching different neurons around the body and affecting different body parts. In this way, ear massage can not only be utilise for treating stress. But it can also be use to treat a host of other physiological symptoms and ailments from pains and aches. Continuing to pathological disorders in the abdomen, chest, lower back, and feet.

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Massage Yours Ears | Auriculotherapy That Calms Nervous System

Whether you are feeling particularly stressed or suffer with insomnia, struggling to fall asleep can really impact your quality of life. Acupressure is a relatively new subject of scientific research. However, a handful of studies suggest that it may be a safe way to get more or better sleep. And ear massage therapy holds some incredibly powerful acupressure points that can stimulate many benefits. Rubbing, tugging, pulling, pressing and rolling the ear cartilage and lobes all produce soothing effects. You can experiment with what feels nice for you: hard, soft, with or without oils, all over or just one part such as the lobes or the outer edges of the cartilage. The best part about it is that you can do it anytime anywhere.

Massage Yours Ears | Auriculotherapy That Calms Nervous System

And there is a quick hack for good night sleep which is by rubbing the ridge behind both your ears in a circular motion for few minutes. This will calm your nervous system to help you get ready for a great night of sleep in no time. Doctor Hanson says the spot is called ‘animian’ which means peaceful sleep, apparently. And it will feel tender and sore when you initially press on it, but it’s worth the initial discomfort. You could try individually or together as part of a routine. Other strategies such as darkening the room, playing soothing music, using relaxing lotions, essential oils, aroma or meditating before bed.

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Ear Massage Health Benefits

  • Nerve sensations that resonate through the whole body
  • A feeling of happiness from transmitting positive endorphins
  • Enhanced immune system from stimulating the senses
  • Improved skin quality from stimulated skin
  • Relaxing sensations from the therapeutic touch of massage

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