Fantasy: Different Kind Of Negative Or Problematic Impact On Mind

In everyday life, individuals often find their good morning thoughts and peaceful thoughts, pursuing a series of fantasies from their imagination library, concerning things they wish they could do or wish they had done, fantasy of control or of sovereign choice or daydreams. As Theodor Fontane once said, “we simply cannot do without auxiliary constructions (additional help and support), without dwelling on imaginary wish fulfillments.”

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A fantasy is a situation imagine by an individual that expresses certain desires or aims on the part of its creator. Fantasies sometimes involve situations that are highly unlikely; or they may be quite realistic. Fantasies can also be sexual in nature. Fantasy in a psychological sense refers to two different possible aspects of the mind, the conscious, and the unconscious. It is absolutely necessary as in imagination because we not only release our unconscious needs and desires. But can actively channel them in a way that would help us in the ultimate wish fulfilment. Fantasy is thus necessary as it provides mental impetus to think beyond the normal, the real and the immediate and helps us to shape our future.

Fantasy: Different Kind Of Negative Or Problematic Impact On Mind

A view of fantasy dreams was taken by Sigmund Freud who considered that men and women “cannot subsist on the limited satisfaction which they can extort from reality. Daydreams are a valuable resource. These day-dreams are cathect with a large amount of interest. As they are carefully cherish and usually conceal with a great deal of sensitivity. Such fantasies may be unconscious just as well as conscious. He considered these fantasies to include a great deal of the true constitutional essence of a personality. And that the energetic man “is one who succeeds by his efforts in turning his wishful fantasies into reality,”. Whereas the artist “can transform his fantasies into artistic creations.

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But sometimes this kind of activity inside the person (unconscious fantasy) are often very violent and aggressive. They are different from ordinary day-dreams or fantasies. Humans sometimes forget and don’t accept the reality instead they start living in their psychological fantasy world (created by the mind). Which often creates internal and emotional sufferings that are very hard to live with. Mentally, fantasies can have different kind of negative or problematic impact for some individuals. Like Eckhart Tolle once said: “Emotional suffering is created in the moment we don’t accept what is.”

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